Taman Ayun Temple, Bali Island Indonesia

Bali Taman Ayun Temple is located in Mengwi Village, Mengwi sub district, Badung regency, Bali, approximately 18 Kilometers north of Kuta direction.  Taman ayu temple is a royal temple of Mengwi empire which was built in the 16th century by King Mengwi, Tjokerda Blambangan Sakti. This temple was established as a shrine to the gods of Hindu Bali.

The architecture of Taman Ayun temple was built by architects from china. The temple compound are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by lotus ponds and the big fish that look like a drift on the water.

It owns the beautiful temple building with multistoried roof and Balinese Architecture. And across from the temple compound there is also a Museum Manusa Yadnya, namely the museum ceremony humanity since humans in the womb until the dismantling of the bodies (Ngaben).

Taman ayun temple also has the wide beautiful landscape garden in the front courtyard to welcome all visitors who come and visit this temple. It is a beautiful place to visit on your vacation in Bali.

Taman Ayun Temple in the ancient Balinese language meaning “Temple in the middle of a beautiful garden” it is the only temple complex in Bali which still has a typical terraced roof. Bali is an ancient structure called the “roof of Meru”.

Order to arrive at the taman ayun temple in about 25 minutes, then you should use a motor vehicle. However, public transport was also crowded from morning till evening, making for transportation problems in this area is not so difficult. On the right thought and right of the taman ayun temple compound there is complex township residents with houses that are still traditional.

Taman ayun temple, it is a beautiful place to visit on your vacation in Bali.

The Taman Ayun Temple in Bali has several notable features, including:

1. Moat: The temple is surrounded by a moat, which was originally built for defensive purposes. It adds to the temple's beauty and serenity.

2. Four main courts: The temple has four main courts, each with its own shrines and pavilions. These courts are dedicated to different deities and are used for various ceremonies and rituals.

3. Beautiful garden: The temple is home to a beautiful garden with lotus ponds and flowering plants. Visitors can walk through the garden and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

4. Architecture: The temple is known for its beautiful architecture, with ornately decorated shrines and pavilions. The temple's buildings are adorned with intricate carvings and paintings, representing Hindu mythology and tradition.

5. Cultural significance: The Taman Ayun Temple is an important cultural site in Bali, as it is a royal temple dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It is an important place of worship for Hindus in Bali and is also a popular tourist attraction.

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