Sangeh, Monkey Forest in Bali Indonesia

Sangeh is one of the famous tourist place in Bali. If you are looking for monkeys in Bali, this is where you’ll find it. Sangeh famous because this is a village in which the monkeys to roam freely on a hill called Bukit Sari. There was also a temple called Pura Bukit Sari. Monkey here in power and is said to have three regions of the kingdom.

According to local legend, the Bukit Sari and this monkey was there when Hanuman, a character in the epic Ramayana, mountain lift Mahameru. Some parts of the mountain it crashed and since then the monkeys reigned there.

Sangeh have charm forest tour is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh apes are known to be very wild and often interfere with the visitors. Sangeh also known to be very ignorant, because often times take things visitors and will be returned when the monkeys were given a piece of food. You will feel comfortable walking in the forest because the forest Sangeh is comfortable, quiet and green. In addition, monkeys in the Sangeh forest also looks cute though very naughty and shameless.

In this monkey forest, you will see many plants nutmeg (dipterocarpustrinervis). According to information, nutmeg forest has hundreds of years old, even among the nutmeg tree is said to have been outstanding more than three hundred years.

According to the management of this Park, Forest Sangeh created as a royal garden of Mengwi. To look beautiful garden planted with trees specially imported nutmeg of Mount Agung. Actually the plan of the park is very secret, but finally making this park diektahui by some people. As a result of making the park was stopped, until the area was named Sangeh which means someone saw.

Sangeh tourist area is open every day from 7:30 am until 8:30 pm. This place can be reached by public transport from Terminal Wangajaya, Denpasar. Sangeh also be achieved by using a personal vehicle from Mengwi and Ubud, but there is no public transportation in both directions this dar.

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