Reog indonesia cultural arts from Ponorogo, East Java

Reog is one of the indonesia cultural arts from East Java and northwest of the town of Ponorogo regarded as the true origin Reog. Ponorogo city gate was decorated by warok and gemblak figure, two figures who had appeared at the time reog displayed. Reog is one of the regional culture in Indonesia is still very strong with things mystical and powerful mystic.

Basically there are five versions of the popular story that developed in the community about the origin and Warok and Reog, but one of the most famous story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng Putu, a royal servant during Bhre Kertabhumi, the last king of Majapahit in power in the 15th century. Ki Ageng Putu wrath will strongly influence from the Chinese partner in the government and the king, the king of a corrupt behavior, he saw that the power of the Majapahit kingdom will end.

He then left the king and established the university where he taught young children martial arts, science self immunity, and the science of perfection in the hope that young children will become the seed of the resurrection of the Majapahit kingdom again later. Realizing that his army is too small to fight the royal troops Ki Ageng political message conveyed by fleas Reog performing arts, which is a “hint” to the king and his kingdom Kertabumi Bra. Cultural Reog a way Ki Ageng Putu local communities to build resistance using Reog popularity.

Official version Reog Ponorogo storyline now is the story of King Ponorogo daughter who intend applying for Kediri, Dewi Ragil Yellow, but amid the journey he was intercepted by King Singabarong from Kediri. Singabarong king’s army consists of peacocks and lions, while the part of the kingdom of King Ponorogo Kelono and deputy Bujanganom, escorted by warok (men dressed in black in the dance), and warok has a deadly black magic. The whole dance is a dance of war between the kingdom and the kingdom of Kediri Ponorogo, and pitted black magic between them, the dancers in a state of ‘trance’ while performing the dance.

Until now people Ponorogo only follow what their ancestral heritage as a cultural inheritance which is very rich. In the experience of art is the copyright Reog human creations that form the existing faiths were hereditary and awake. The ceremony also use terms that are not easy for lay people to meet without a clear lineage. they embrace Parental lineage and customary law which is still valid.

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