Lost City of Atlantis is Indonesia

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Prof. Santos Arysio published a sensational book: “The Lost Continents Atlantis Finally Found“. Explicitly in the book he said that the location of Atlantis who had been missing since approximately 11,600 years ago it was in Indonesia.

During this, Plato described the continent 2500 years ago it was the continent which is inhabited by a nation that has civilization of Atlantis which is very high by nature a very rich, who then lost sunk into the seabed by the catastrophic floods and earthquakes as punishment from the gods. The story of Atlantis are discussed from time to time, and continue the search efforts are made to find the remains of a high civilization that has been achieved by the nation’s Atlantis

Searches conducted in the Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Caribea, to the North Pole. This search was to no avail, so some people assume that Plato described it is just a fairy tale.
Santos Professor of Nuclear Physics expert stated that Atlantis was never found because it sought in the wrong place.
Correct location is convincing Indonesia, he said. He said that he had studied the possibility of the location of Atlantis during the last 29 years.
Santos used science in search of Atlantis this location is the science of geology, astronomy, paleontology, Archeologi, Linguistics, Ethnologi, and Comparative Mythology.

As can be followed from their website, Plato wrote of Atlantis in the period in which Greece was a cultural center of the Western World (Western World).
Until now not possible to detect whether the expert’s philosophy is only to tell a myth, moral Fable, science fiction, or whether in fact he told a story of history. Or did he explain the fact honestly that Atlantis is an absolute reality?

Plato said that Atlantis was a prosperous country with gold, precious stones, and the ‘mother of all civilazation’ with the continent-sized empire that controls the shipping, trade, mastered the science of metallurgy, irrigation network, with a life of art, dance, theater, music, and sports

Atlantis originally residents are respectable people and the rich, then transformed into ambitious. The gods then punish them by bringing floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes that are so dreadful that drown the whole continent.
Similar stories of Atlantis or a similar story that ended with the floods and earthquakes, it is also found in the stories of traditional sacred in many parts of the world, as told in the local language.

According to Santos, given the size of Plato’s time 11,600 years BP (Before Present), is exactly the same with the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, which also caused flooding and a very great earthquake.

This disaster caused the extinction of 70% of mammal species that lived at the time, including the possibility of also two species of humans: Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon.
Before the flood disaster, the island of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Nusa Tenggara are still at one with Peninsular Malaysia and the Asian continent.

The main mountain mentioned by Santos, which plays an important role in this disaster is Mount Krakatoa and ‘another mountain’ (the possibility of Mount Toba). Another mountain mentioned (in connection with stories mytologi is Mount Semeru, Mount Agung, and Mount Rinjani.
This succession of natural disasters according to Santos started with the Krakatoa explosion, which destroyed the entire mountain itself, and formed a huge caldera that is the finished Sunda strait separating the islands of Sumatra and Java.

This eruption caused a tsunami with waves of very high sea, which then covered the lowlands of Sumatra in Peninsular Malaysia, between Java and Borneo, and between Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Ash eruption of Krakatoa in the form of ‘fly-ash’ high up into the air and the wind to all parts of the world at that time still largely closed ice (Pleistocene Ice Age).
Abu was later dropped and the cover layer of ice. Due to the layer of ash, then melt the ice as a result of solar heat absorbed by the ash layer.

Glaciers in the North Pole and Europe then melted and flowed into the lower parts of the earth, including Indonesia.

Flooding caused by tsunamis and melting ice is causing sea level rise of about 130 meters above the lowlands of Indonesia. Lowlands in Indonesia sank below sea level, and the living is high plains and peaks of the volcano. See Figure 1.

The pressure of this large water intake and caused great pressure on continental plates, which in turn led to eruptions of the volcano and the subsequent massive earthquake. The result is the end of the Ice Age Pleitocene dramatically.

Plato in his book mentions that Atlantis is a prosperous country that the sun bathed all the time. Whereas age at the time was Ice Age, where the temperature of the earth as a whole is approximately 15 degrees Celsius colder than today.

Location was bathed in sunlight at the time that Indonesia is indeed located at the equator.

Plato also mentions that the area lost continent of Atlantis was “…. Larger than Libya (North Africa) and Asia Minor combined into one …” is exactly the same area with the Indonesia area plus the South China Sea area.

According to Professor Santos, the experts who generally come from the West, believes firmly that human civilization come from their world. But reality shows that Atlantis was under Indonesian waters and not elsewhere.

Santos had been expected that more than 20 years ago when he studied the sacred traditions of Junani, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Phoenician, Amerindian, Hindu, Buddhist and Judeo-Christian.
Although narrated in the language of their own, were the terms used to refer to many things or the same event.

Santos concluded that the population of Atlantis consisted of several tribes / ethnic, where 2 is the largest fruit Aryan tribes and Dravidas.

All of these ethnic groups from Africa the previous 3 million years ago, which then spread throughout Eurasia and to the East until Auatralia approximately 1 million years ago.

In Indonesia, they found an ideal natural conditions to develop, which develop knowledge of agriculture and civilization as a whole. This happened in the Pleistocene era.

In the Ice Age, Atlantis is a tropical paradise with the fields were beautiful, mountains, stones, metal various kinds, perfumes, rivers, lakes, irrigation channels, a highly productive agriculture, gold palace with walls of silver, elephants , and various other wild animals.
According to Santos, only the rich Indonesians this (!)

As described above disaster happens, where the sea water rose as high as about 130 feet, Atlantis residents who survived were forced out and moved to India, Southeast Asia, China, Polynesia, and America.

Aryan tribes who migrated to India was first moved and settled in the Indus valley. . Because of the Himalayan glaciers are also melting and cause floods in the Indus valley, they migrate further into Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestin, North Africa, and North Asia.

In new places, they then seek to develop a culture of Atlantis back to the roots of their culture.

The best record of the sinking of Atlantis was recorded in India through the washing traditions in areas such as Lanka, Kumari Kandan, Tripura, and others. They are the inheritors of a culture that is drowning.

Interest Dravidas darker skinned stay in Indonesia.
Large-scale migration can explain the incidence of sudden or instantaneous advanced technologies such as agriculture, processing of precious stones, metallurgy, religion, and above all the language and alphabet in the world during the period called the Neolithic Revolution. The languages can be traced from the Sanskrit and Dravidian languages. Therefore the languages of the world viewed from a highly advanced grammatical and semantic.

An example is the alphabet. All of the alphabet indicate a ‘fingerprint’ of India which at that time an integral part of Indonesia.

Indonesians born from the seeds of civilization which later developed into the Indus valley cultures, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Hatti, Junani, Minoan, Crete, Rome, Inca, Maya, Aztec, and others.
These cultures know very similar myth. Atlantis names in different tribes called Tala, Attala, Patala, Talatala, Thule, Tollan, Aztlán, Tluloc, and others.
That is a summary of the theory of Professor Santos, who wanted to prove that the lost continent of Atlantis was actually located in Indonesia.

The evidence that strengthens Indonesia as Atlantis, compared to other alternative locations Professor Santos concluded in a matrix which he called the ‘Checklist’

Regardless of whether or not true of this theory, or can prove whether or not the existence of Atlantis in the future under the sea in Indonesia, the theory of Professor Santos was up until now was able to attract the attention of people outside to Indonesia.

This theory is also arranged with arguments or hujjah quite clear.
If anyone thinks that the quality of the Indonesian nation was now “not convincing” for it can be said to be the ancestors of the developed nations that lowered it, then this is a process of progress or decline of civilization that took more than ten thousand years.

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