Lahilote Beach, The Exotic Beach in Gorontalo Indonesia

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Lahilote beach is located in the village Lahilote Pohe, District of South City. The distance is approximately 6 miles from the center of Gorontalo. Lahilote is one of best beaches in Gorontalo.

What makes the Lahilote beach be interesting?

The name of the beach “Lahilote” iconic tourism Gorontalo province is derived from the legend of the locals, that is about a young man named Lahilote.

The lengend said that Lahilote fell love with an angel named Boilode Hulawa. Then, Lahilote stole her shawl and then married her. Marriage of Lahilote with Boilode Hulawa not last long. The angel knew that the stealing her shawl is her own husband, Lahilote. Then the angel left Lahilote. Lahilote really love the angel, so he went followed her to the heaven, then they both lived in heaven and live happily.

Lahilote happiness did not last long. This is because Lahilote overgrown with gray hairs. From day to day Lahilote’s hair filled with gray hairs, so he should be banished from heaven heaven and returned to earth. To return to the earth, Lohilote using his hair as a rope, which eventually broke up before he stepped on his feet into the earth. According  this story, the imprint Lahilote’s footprints on the beach that’s what makes this tourist area called Lahilote beach.

In addition to the story, Lahilote beach also has many other attractions. One is a curved coastline that resembles a curved bay. Possess the natural beauty of this beach is nice and plus hill area behind the beach is the enhance its natural beauty. Because the waves on the beach is not too large, the tourists who come to the Lahilote beach can swim and even can do snorkeling to watch the underwater beauty.

Meanwhile, Lahilote beach has white sand beaches and clean is very suitable for tourists who want to play sand volleyball, beach soccer, or just walking around enjoying the scenery around this beach. On the beach, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Existing facilities at the Lahilote beach

For tourists not to worry if you want to stay in this tourism area. Around this Lahilote beach, tourist can find hotels with various rates. In addition, tourists will also find many shops and restaurants serving local foods, such as Bintebiluha.

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