Beautiful City Yogyakarta

Have you visit Yogyakarta ? I think most of you have visit this beautiful city. Yes, and you will come again to this city for second, third, fourth, and maybe always come here when you get holiday. I know most of you were know well this city, but not less were do not know how beautiful it is. Ok, let me tell you about some corner from Yogyakarta that make you interest to come here and stay in this city for a few days.

Yogyakarta have a palace where the Sultan and his family lives over there. Before we going in to the next story, I will tell you that Sultan is call for The King in kingdom of some region in Indonesia. Sultan is hereditary crowned, and now Kraton Yogyakarta or usually called Kraton Ngayogyakarto was led by Sultan Hamengku Buwono X. Kraton Yogyakarta is one of the most popular in Yogyakarta, because we can see everything related with kingdom life. We can also see traditional vehicle, like Andong, andong is cart which attrack by horse. You can try go round the city with andong that rented in Jalan Malioboro, certainly with the coachman.

Next destination in Yogyakarta you can go to Alun-alun, the yard of Kraton Yogyakarta. You will find two trees which located in the south of Kraton, and maybe you ever heard myth of it. They say if you can pass through these trees with closing your eyes, your dream will come true. Please try it, I think its not so hard but not also easy to pass through it. Not only trying this game, in every night you can enjoy a fair that present to you many of stand which selling clothes, accesories, foods and beverages. You can sit there for few time and enjoying the others visitor who playing the game like closing your eyes, propeller, and maybe just chatting with their friends.

After spending your night at Kraton, you can take a rest in hotels where spread around Jalan Malioboro and near of Kraton at Jalan Prawirotaman. Prawirotaman also called as Kampung Batik that become a centre of activity in making batik and there are many foreign tourist who lodging for night. So you can sleep tight and have a nice dream before you continuing your traveling in Yogyakarta.

In the morning, you can get your breakfast in some food stall, you can eat traditional food of Yogyakarta that is gudeg. Do you know gudeg ? Gudeg is food which made from jackfruit, and then to be cooked with seasoning from brown sugar, garlic, coriander seed and other spices. The taste of gudeg is sweet dominant, but it suitable to eat with rice. Not only gudeg, you can also find the others traditional food of Yogyakarta like pecel and jadah (made by glutinous rice).

Let begin your second day with journey to the beach. I recommend you to visit Drini beach which located in Wonosari, east part of DI Yogyakarta province. But, no bus which can bring you there, so you can rent motorcycle or car for reach the location. You can find the car or motorcycle rental around Jalan Malioboro or near of Station Yogyakarta.

How you can reach the Drini beach ? You can take path from Jalan Solo or maybe you can take path from East ringroad and go to Piyungan, and following the path, so you can find guidance to reach the Drini beach. There are you can see beautiful scenery, white sands and blue sea, you can also find so many shapes of shells. It is so please and make you do not want leave this place. It is not enough for your holiday ?

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