Banyuwedang Hot Spring, Bali Indonesia

 After surrounding the island of Bali, it’s time you relax and rest your body by soaking in hot water baths. In Bali, there is hot water bath and a place suitable for you to relax, this place is the Banyuwedang Hot Spring.

Banyuwedang hot spring  is the largest hot springs. Hot water at this place comes from the hot springs that appear on the beach. Location of Banyuwedang hot spring was under water at high tide.

You do not have to worry about the level of security this hot spring, because this resort is equipped with a circular concrete buildings. This building serves as a dike, so that at the time of high tides, hot water is not mixed with sea water.

Temperature of hot water in banyuwedang hot spring average 40 degrees Celsius and has a fairly high sulfur content. Therefore, the hot water is believed to cure skin diseases and many surrounding communities as well as tourists visiting this place. This hot spring is the main mascot hot spring baths.

Banyuwedang hot spring is located in the Pejarakan village, Gerokgak district, 60 km from the Singaraja city, the edge of the West Bali National Park area. The south the highway to Hot Water Bishopscourt including the National Park area, whereas in the north area of Batu Ampar is composed of calcareous soil.

Regarding facilities and infrastructure are not in doubt. The road to the Banyuwedang hot spring from the highway Gilimanuk-Singaraja has hardened. Parking facilities have been provided with a neatly.

Here also has provided some enclosed bathroom, thus facilitating for visitors who to bathe as much. In addition, there is also a haven for tourists who want to rest. So, visit Banyuwedang hot spring.

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